Lowest numba of kukrukere waka abroad pipu arriving for Europe since 2013

Na a total of 127,657 waka abroad pipu wey enter Europe thru kurukere ways for 2019, meaning say kurukere waka go Europe don reach im lowest since 2013.  

Dis figure, published by International Organization for Migration (IOM), include 103,883 arrivals by sea and 23,774 by land. Compare am to year wey just pas, de total of sea and land arrival don come down by around 12 per cent. 

Greece na im receive most of de waka abroad pipu wey come, and im record 70,000 new arrivals. Spain be second most popular entry point, with 32,531 arrivals, followed by Italy with 11,471. 

About 1,283 pipu die for 2019 as dem dey try to reach Europe thru de Mediterranean sea. In 2018, de numba na 2,299. Since 2014, everi year more dan 1,000 deaths for de Mediterranean sea dey recorded with ova 19,000 deaths ova de last six years. 

Researchers from de Missing Migrants project estimate say wan in 33 pipu die as dem dey attempt to take dis route in 2019, as compare to one in 35 for 2018 and one in 51 for 2017.

” Director of IOM’s Global Migrant Data Analysis Centre Frank Laczko talk say: “De remains of dose wey lost for sea dis year may neva be found, like thousands of odas wey lost in de Mediterranean. Each year wey dese deaths dey continue mean say more families go dey live for limbo, not sabiing weda dem relative dey alive or dead.”

He add say: “If una come from a high-income country, efforts go be made to find and identify una body if una go  issing. De same no dey apply if una be an undocumented waka abroad persin.”

TMP – 16/01/2020

Photo credit: Malcolm P Chapman / Shutterstock

Photo caption: LESVOS, GREECE SEPTEMBER 24, 2015: Inflatable boat wey waka abroad pipu dey use to cross de sea from Turkey fpr beach near Molyvos. Lesbos don become a hot spot for waka abroad pipu to Europe.