Migrants dey see fire for Libya, na so Pope Francis talk  

Pope Francis don talk say wetin migrants and refugees wey dey prison for Libya dey see na hell fire. De Pope talk say sufer sufer don too much for plenty of dem wey dey for many prison in Libya, becos dem dey torture many of dem, rape dem, collet dea moni by force and even kill dem.

“Yes, we no say war dey for Libya, but wetin pepul dey see for inside de many many prisons wey dey dean a dat onw we no know. Na de Pope talk dis one de time wey im wan compare detention centres wey dey for Libya with other detention camps.

Na wen Pope dey celebrate mass for church to remember say e don reach seven times im dey visit dat Island fro Italy wey dem dey call Lampedusa. Lampedusa na de place wey migrant wey dey enter Europe de land wen dey follo de Mediterranean Sea. Na on 8 July na im all dis one take happen.

TMP_ 13/07/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Edward R

Photo caption: The picture wey you dey see na apiamway for war and political refugee wey dey for Italian beach shore. Metal wire wey dem take fence de borders no allow migrants and kurukere travelers to enter. Desperation route, hope and freedom na de thins wey bring better life.