Migrants experience unimaginable ‘hell’ in Libya, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis described the living conditions of migrants and refugees held in detention centres across Libya as ‘hell’. Thousands of migrants are held in detention centres across the country, living in dire conditions, and in many cases facing torture, rape, extortion and even death.

“Yes, there is a war [in Libya] and we know that is ugly, but you cannot imagine the hell that people live there in those lagers of detention,” the pope said while comparing the detention centres in Libya with concentration camps.

The pope made this comment on 8 July during a religious service to mark the seventh anniversary of his trip to the Italian island of Lampedusa, the landing place for migrants arriving EU from North Africa through the Mediterranean sea. 

TMP_ 10/07/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock/Edward R

Photo caption: War and political refugee path. Italian beach shore, fenced borders, metal wire, holding migrants and preventing illegal trespassing. Desperation route, hope and freedom concept for a better life.