For inside 2019 alone, Morocco don spoil 74,000 kurukere travel

Pipu of de world, especially from states wey dey inside Southern Europe, don dey praise Morocco for de good work wey dem do as e concern de fight to destroy kurukere travel and all de bad bele pepul wey dey support am.

To make sure say dis fight dey tight, all de Olopa and other security pepul wey Morocco get don join power to win de war. As e be now, de join bodi don scatter plan for 74,000 kurukere travel for inside 2019 alone.

Na one ogbonge Oga for Immigration and Border Surveillance wey dey inside Morocco Ministry of Interior, wey be Khalid Zerouali, na im talk am.

TMP_ 23/06/2020

Image Credit: SHUTTERSTOCK/Juanamari Gonzalez

Image Caption: Small boat used for illegal immigration. Found on the beaches of Tarifa, Cádiz