Morocco foiled almost 74,000 irregular migration attempts in 2019

Morocco claims that its security services stopped nearly 74,000 irregular migration attempts and dismantled 208 human-trafficking networks in 2019 alone. As a key transit country for migrants heading toward Europe, the country has been an important partner of the European Union in its attempts to curb irregular migration.

“Our security action is not against migrants because we believe they are victims,” said the Director of Immigration and Border Surveillance at the Moroccan Ministry of Interior, Khalid Zerouali. He claimed that Morocco was mostly targeting smugglers, adding: “They exploit them and always ask for money from their families.”

TMP_ 22/06/2020

Image Credit: SHUTTERSTOCK/Juanamari Gonzalez

Image Caption: Small boat used for illegal immigration. Found on the beaches of Tarifa, Cádiz