Local NGO don warn Naija pepul against kurukere waka abrod

Dem don dey warn Naija youth say make dem stop to dey folo kurukere way take dey waka go abrod, say e dey very danjaful and dem fit die for dat kain travel.

Na de oga for one oganazeshon wey be Re-educating Africans on the Risk and Dangers in Unplanned Journeys Abroad (RARDUJA), Mr. Eddy Duru, na im com dey yan dis one giv jonalists for Owerri wey be capital of Imo State. 

Mr. Duru com dey tel dem say for de report wey de International Organization for Migration wey be IOM reliz, say about 900 pesin don die dis year as dem wan folo kurukere way waka enta Europe. E com tok say pepul wey go pas 11,000 dey insde de pepul wey dem don arrest and dose wey don dey sufa abuse for abrod.

E com dey remind dem say e dey veri impotant make dem folo beta road if dem wan waka go abrod and make dem make sure say dem get beta infomate about de place wey dem wan waka go before dem go.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Torsten Pursche

Image Caption: Migrants crossing the Sahara desert into Chad ride on the back of a pickup truck, November 8, 2017, Chad.