Spain: Migrant workers dey para about life for dem camp after fire burn de place three times

Migrants for inside settlement wey dey near Lepe for Southwest Spain don dey para sake of de kain life wey dem dey live for there don tire dem and dey no see any solution at all. Dis na after fire don burn de place three times for inside one week.

Four pepul na im get wunjor for de three fire wey happen dat camp wey about 400 pepul take dey manage life. For inside dose 400 pepul, 150 pesin na im the fire burn everythin wey dem get for life.

Even sef Spanish government be wan send their sojas make dem go build house wey de pepul go stay for some time, but dem no com send dem again becos plenty pepul com dey fear say dat place no go dey good to build dat kain house.

TMP_ 01/08/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock /getgg

Photo caption: Perftect fire particles embers on background