New US$ 3 million project to support refugees in Ethiopia launched

Photo credit: The Peninsula 2017

TMP – 09/11/2017

Qatar’s Fund for Development (QFFD) has announced the launch of a new humanitarian programme specifically designed to address the needs of refugees and host communities in Ethiopia.

The programme is being launched in partnership with Action for the Needy in Ethiopia (ANE) at a cost of around US$ 3 million.

“The $3 million grant from QFFD will provide shelter, water, sanitation, food and livelihood support for Ethiopia. This contribution would help alleviate the economic and humanitarian difficulties suffered by 38,000 beneficiaries,” Qatar Red Crescent Secretary-General Ali Hassan Al-Hammadi said.

The project will cover the regions of Gambela and Oromia, in the southwestern part of Ethiopia, where 800,000 refugees, mostly from Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia, are hosted by already poor communities.

The programme will include the construction of 768 household latrines and water wells in refugee camps, the provision of thousands of sanitary kits for women and girls, the construction of improved shelters, as well as various education and community engagement initiatives.

The news of the programme comes at a turning point for Ethiopia in the way it is dealing with refugees. In recent months, the country has begun a civil registration process for refugees, allowing refugees to register important administrative information, including births, deaths, marriage and divorces, directly with national authorities. The Ethiopian government has also announced an expansion of the current Out of Camp Policy, which allows refugees to obtain a residence permit to leave the camps, get a driver’s license and business license and more easily attend school and find a job in the country.