The risks of irregular migration

The journey to reach Europe from countries like Ethiopia and Eritrea is long, expensive and dangerous. At every step of the journey migrants are vulnerable to exploitation from criminal networks, smugglers and militias. Every year, thousands of migrants die before reaching Europe’s shores. It is important to understand the risks involved before attempting to make the journey.

The dangerous path through Libya

Libya is a transit hub for irregular migrants trying to reach Europe, including Ethiopians and Eritreans. Since the toppling of...
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Severe risks for women and children

The passage to Europe is especially dangerous for women and children. Many undergo beatings, rape, enslavement and other forms of...
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Exploitation by smugglers

Smugglers will charge you a lot of money to transport you across borders towards Europe. They routinely deceive migrants into...
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European immigration policies

Life in Europe is often not what migrants think it will be. For example, many migrants believe that once they reach Europe they...
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