Seven out of ten Italians think country has too many migrants

TMP – 09/10/2017

More than 70 percent of Italians believe immigration is having a negative impact on their country, with an even higher percentage saying their country has taken too many immigrants, according to the latest survey by UK-based research organization Ipsos MORI.

The study, released in September this year, also found that four out of 10 Italians believe migrants are consuming their jobs, and no longer feel at home because of an increasing immigrant population.

Bobby Duffy, managing director of Ipsos MORI, said the study has shown that twice as many people believe that immigration is bad for their country than think it is good.

The study also reflected Italians’ view on how the government should handle the immigration issue.  Around 67 percent of people who took part in the survey believe “a strong leader is needed to defend the people,” Ipsos MORI chief Nando Pagnoncelli told news agency ANSA, while adding that many people consider immigration to be an attack on the country.

Related studies by YouGov and Statista have also found Italy to be one of the most anti-migrant European countries with more than half of its population agreeing with the statement: “There are so many foreigners living here, it doesn’t feel like home anymore.”

Even though the number of migrants reaching European shores has plunged drastically this year, 85 percent of those who made it arrive in Italy.