Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries launches in Afghanistan

Photo credit: Wadsam

TMP – 24/10/2017

The Afghan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industries (AWCCI) was officially launched earlier this month in a ceremony headed by First Lady Lola Ghani.

The idea for establishing a separate chamber of commerce for women was proposed by the Leading Entrepreneurs of Afghanistan for Development (LEAD) organization earlier this year.

Manija Wafiq, head of the trade board, said that more than 850 businesswomen were already registered with the AWCCI and explained that its aim was to promote women’s economic participation and resolve issues faced by women in the workforce.
“Nowadays many women are busy in different areas of businesses and industries, and the government should support them,” she said.

In Afghanistan, women constitute 29 percent of the country’s workforce with 66 percent working in agriculture.
Addressing the general public, Wafiq implored consumers to buy products made and distributed by women. “I kindly request you to use women’s products,” Wafiq said. “Purchase our products which are worthy of buying.”

President Ashraf spoke in a video message played at the inauguration ceremony, declaring a new season for the development of commerce in Afghanistan and promising that the government was ready to support the country’s businesswomen.

First Lady Rula Ghani said that the inauguration of the AWCCI constituted a major step forward for women in business and that the organization would help to address the problems faced by businesswomen.

Women Affairs Minister Dilbar Nazari described the inauguration of the trade board as crucial for women’s leadership and economic self-sufficiency and stressed that women’s participation in the economic sector was a priority for the government.