Youth emigration crushes Afghanistan

The long and bloody Afghan war not only destroyed the basic infrastructure of the country but also took away the vital workforce. Unfortunately, the workforce continues to leave Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s progress amongst 40 years of constant war has been tiny. In countries with prolonged wars people start to lose hope for the future. This hopelessness is a funeral of self-confidence that is carried on each person’s shoulders.

A society that has a capable workforce and can manage it properly will always progress.

Only hard work leads to prosperity, and hard work requires energy which can be found in the youth.

The youth in any society brings with itself irreplaceable energy. Luckily for Afghanistan, young people make up for a majority of the population and if our youth put their energies together and worked hard towards development, they can recover from the losses of the war.

Millions lost their lives in World War II, and many countries were destroyed with others on the brink of destruction – but look at them today. They are wealthy, industrialized and established.

Afghanistan lost two million people in its war. But China, Japan and Germany can be examples of countries that suffered great causalities and huge financial losses but still recovered and prospered. The one thing these nations didn’t lose was hope for a better future. Instead of evading chaos the people of these nations stayed in their countries in an effort to rebuild, and the results can be seen today. In the world’s top ten economies China ranks second, Japan third and Germany forth.

It is true that some areas in Afghanistan are dangerous to live in, it is also true that unemployment is at its peak. However, it is not true that leaving your country can be a good alternative. Escaping can’t change the situation of your country, and it is possible that situations can change for the worse but it is the people of the nation that can change a nation’s fate.

War is one  problem in Afghanistan, but a bigger problem is corruption. Corruption is the main culprit that fuels our war.

The youth needs to stand up for a permanent solution and to pressure the government through civil society movements to end corruption once and for all. Similarly, the youth need to stand up against migration. They need to work towards building peace. With corruption, out of the picture and peace acquired, employment opportunities will flourish. Only the youth can make this country better not only for themselves but also for generations to come. This will ensure that their country is in a position where its people can prosper.