Another 36 Afghan deportees return to Kabul from Germany

Another 36 deportees from Afghanistan landed in Kabul on 9 January 2019, after their respective asylum applications were rejected in Germany. Out of the 36 deportees, 23 were in German state of Bavaria, while the rest were waiting for their results in seven other states. Twelve of those in Bavaria were imprisoned under criminal charges, Bavarian authorities said.

Since December 2016, around 430 Afghan asylum seekers have been deported from Germany. These flights are especially controversial as rights groups claim it is not a safe place for people to return to. The latest flight is the 20th transporting deportees from Germany back to Afghanistan. According to Infomigrants, as of July 2018, approximately 16,000 Afghans in Germany have received notice to leave the country and are subject to deportation.

On a flight that landed in Kabul in August 2018, deportees told local news agency TOLOnews that life in Germany was not at all what they expected it to be. Many spoke of fewer education opportunities, challenges in finding accommodation and lack of employment opportunities.

“There are many problems in Germany compared with problems in Afghanistan. There is no opportunity for work and education. The life has changed into a prison for humans,” said a deportee.  

Another deportee said: “I went to Iran first, and then to Turkey and finally by foot and by car to Germany. Our problems were not solved there (in Germany) and finally we were deported forcedly.”

A 22-year-old deportee said he had lived in Germany for three years but his application for asylum was rejected. According to him, it took 45 days and cost USD 8,000 for him to get to Germany in 2015.

“Refugees are not allowed to work there (Germany). They give houses to some people while they don’t give to others. But they remain jobless,” he said.

TMP – 21/01/2019

Photo credit: TOLOnews    

Photo caption:  A photo of the deported refugees at Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul,

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