Greece finalises plan to extend border wall to prevent migrant crossings

The Greek government has finalised plans to extend a wall along its northeast border with Turkey to prevent migrants and asylum seekers from entering the country irregularly.
The move follows a border dispute earlier this year, after Turkey opened its land border to Greece leading to thousands of migrants attempting the crossing.
Greece is concerned there will be a surge in migrant arrivals after numbers dipped due to the pandemic.
Government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said Greece would add 26 kilometres to an existing 10 kilometre section by the end of April. The wall will be made with galvanised square steel tubes and concrete foundations.
Greece has also announced that it would deploy two sound-wave devices near the border with Turkey to deter migrants from crossing the border into Greece.


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Photo caption: EU border and Turkey on geographic map, refugee crisis concept. Conflict between European Union and Turkey over the flow of migrants. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

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Greece’s plan to extend the wall along its border with Turkey will make migrant crossings even more difficult. Read more: