Rescue ship carrying hundreds of African migrants berths in Sicily

Last week, a charity rescue ship, the Ocean Viking vessel, carrying 373 migrants was granted access to dock at the Italian port of Augusta in Sicily after three days’ wait on the sea.

According to a report, the ship carrying 373 migrants, 165 of whom were children, with about 21 aged below four, waited for three days on the sea before it got clearance from the authorities to disembark the passengers.

The migrants who were mostly sub-Saharan Africans were picked up from four packed dinghies in the coast of Libya. Report said some of them had attempted sea crossing to Europe just to escape inhuman conditions in Libyan camps but they were intercepted and sent back to the camps.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/raw stock

Image Caption: AUGUSTA, SICILY ITALY – JANUARY 25: SoS Mediterranee NGO vessel named Ocean Viking with 372 on board migrants arrived in Augusta on 2021