JIFORM don tel African leaders to address waka abroad

De Journalists International Forum for Migration wey be JIFORM don tel African leaders to make sure say dem find solution to poverty becos na wetin dey cos kurukere waka abroad for de continent. JIFORM tok dis one durin de time wey dem hold de second waka abroad somit for 15 and 16 October for Nigeria.

De forum wey get over 200 journalists com dey beg African leaders who attend de somit say make dem adres de social and economic condition wey dey for Africa so dat dem go fit prevent kurukere waka abroad.

Chamo for de somit we be Patrick Lumumba com dey suggest say make dem get task force wey go dey fight against human trafickin and also to dey invest for de youths so dat de dem no go dey risk dea life say dem wan cross de Mediterranean Sea go Europe

For dis year alone, e don pas 620 pepul wey de Mediterranean Sea don swalo or dose wey don los as dem wan try to enta Europe from Africa, na so IOM com tok.

De presido for JIFORM wey be Ajibola Abayomi com dey tok say e go rite out all de kain words wey dem go dey use for kurukere waka abroad to journalist wey go pas 10,000 for Africa. De main topic for de somit na “migration governance and media strategy for development.” Important pepul like policymakers, thought-leaders, journalists and civil society practitioners na dem attend de somit.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/AlejandroCarnicero

Image Caption: A rubber small boat full of immigrants on 3/3/2019 in the Mediterranean Sea, near from Libya