African leaders must address irregular migration, says JIFORM

African leaders must tackle the root causes of poverty fuelling irregular migration, said the Journalists International Forum for Migration (JIFORM) at the second migration summit held on 15 and 16 October in Nigeria.

JIFORM, which is made up of over 200 journalists, urged African leaders to address the social and economic situation across the continent to prevent irregular migration.

Chairman of the summit, Patrick Lumumba called for a task force against human trafficking and investment in youth in order to deter young Africans from undertaking desperate migration journeys across the desert and the Mediterranean Sea.

Over 620 people have drowned or gone missing in the Mediterranean while trying to reach Europe from Africa’s shores this year, according to IOM.

JIFORM President, Ajibola Abayomi said a list of migration terminologies would be given to over 10,000 journalists across Africa. The summit themed “migration governance and media strategy for development” was attended by policymakers, thought-leaders, journalists and civil society practitioners.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/AlejandroCarnicero

Image Caption: A boat full of immigrants on 3/3/2019 in the Mediterranean Sea, near from Lybia