Libya: Dem don see twenty-two dead bodies for coast of Zwara

De International Organization for Migration (IOM), don talk say 22 dead bodies of migrants nai im dem don find for de coast of Zwara wey dey Libya. Na on 23 August, na im dis one happen. 

E be like say de pepul wey die folo for dose wey enter d boat wey sink for inside water last week. Pepul talk say de accident na de worst for dat side of Libya since dis year start becos 45 pepul plus including small small pikins, na dem folo die for de accident.

“I no beliv wetin happen to us. As de water com swalo us, no so we begin see fire everywhere. Nobody come at al,” na wetin one pesin wey suvive com dey yan.

De project wey IOM be get wey be Missing Migrants project don talk say na about 500 pesin n aim don die since dis year for dat route.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Max Lindenthaler

Image Caption: Floating Life Jacket. An overboard lifejacket drifting on the water.