Stranded migrants comot for Italy

After many days wey dem dey stranded for de Mediterranean Sea, dem don 180 migrants to comot from inside de Ocean Vikings rescue ship for de port of Sicily wey dey inside Italy. Inside the pepul wey in dat rescue ship, na 25 small children, and two women, wey one carry bele.

Dis pipu wey Ocean Viking rescue for four different operations, na pepul wey wan follo Mediterranean Sea take run away from Libya. De four separate operations na from 25 June go reach and 30 June. Dem go carry the migrants, wey many of dem come from Nigeria, Pakistan and Eritrea, go put for inside government vessel wey dey for Sicily, whea dem go quarantine go reach 14 days.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Stefano Garau

Photo Caption: A migrant rescue ship arrives at an Italian port from the Mediterranean sea.