‘Europe is overloaded by migrants’ – President Barrow

President Adama Barrow, discussing irregular migration and other issues with former British Premier Tony Blair, at Chatham House, London.

The Gambian President, Adama Barrow, has cited migration as a burden for European countries, as he renewed calls for irregular migrants in Europe to return home and explore the “limitless” opportunities at home. The Gambian leader made the remarks during a forum at Chatham House in London.

“European countries feel that some migrants do not have valid papers. I think Europe is also overloaded by migrants. That being the case, it has become a burden on Europe and now they are looking at ways of returning them back,” said Barrow.

The President noted that he was a migrant himself in England before returning in 2016 to start his own property management business, despite the rather unstable political landscape.

“When I decided to go back home, my family and friends, a lot of them, tried to persuade me to stay. They cited political uncertainty among their reasons, but I was committed to go back, for one reason, to change the mind set,“ the President explained.

“My belief is if you are in a foreign country like England, you are limited unlike your own country where there will be no limitation,” Barrow added.

Using his life story as a successful businessman to try to inspire Gambian migrants to return home, Barrow explained that within five years of his return, he was able to build the business into a bespoke property management agency, without having to rely on anyone.

Barrow also noted that his government is engaging with the EU to find solutions to irregular migration.

TMP – 08/05/2018

Photo: State House Press

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