Videos of French police clearing migrant camp sparks outrage

Human rights groups have voiced their outrage after videos were circulated online showing the French police clearing a makeshift migrant camp in the Saint-Denis area of northern Paris.
The video, which was posted by a French journalist on Twitter, shows between 300 and 400 migrants carrying bags and blankets on the streets of the suburb of Aubervilliers, being pursued by police ordering them to keep moving.
“It is inhuman. The aim of the police is clearly just to drive them crazy, to break up these groups and to arrest some of them,” Yann Manzi of migrant support group Utopia56 told Agence France-Press (AFP).
“We followed them all night as they were being chased by police, until 5 a.m,” Manzi said.


TMP – 26/11/2020

Photo credit: Frederic Legrand – COMEO
Photo caption: Paris, FRANCE – OCTOBER 31, 2016 : Police operation in an urban migrant camp in northeastern Paris near the Stalingrad subway station.