Spanish police dog finds five migrants crammed into shipping container

Members of the Spanish Civil Guard, with the assistance of a police dog, caught five men hidden among sacks of clothes in a shipping container. They were trying to reach Spain irregularly.

The officers were suspicious of a small boat carrying a large amount of clothing in sacks, so sent a police dog to inspect. The dog sniffed through the sacks and began barking when she came across the stowaways. The officers quickly responded and started removing the sacks until the men became visible. This happened on 8 October at a port in Melilla, a Spanish enclave which borders with Morocco.

A police source said the five men were in good health but lacked any form of documentation.

TMP 22/10/2020

Image Credit Shutterstock/Shootdiem

Image Caption Seville, Spain – May 30, 2019: Portrair of trained dog during display of Spanish Armed Forces Day in Seville, Spain.