“I miss school too much”- An Iraqi migrant girl stranded at Bosnia

Zeinaf never imagined that her journey to Europe would take three years going through multiple risks, and she is still stuck in northern Bosnia, with her parents and two siblings, in a hope to cross into Croatia in what they call the ‘Game’.

“I stay here, don’t go school,” Zeinaf, the 11-year-old girl from Iraq, told Reuters. “I miss too much school. We just go Game and come back, go Game and come back”.

Zeinaf’s family live together with another five-member family from Afghanistan, in one room in a deserted house near the border.

Husein Halaf Jabar, Zeinaf’s father, explains to Reuters how he was hit in the stomach by a Croatian police officer who he said also disrespectfully threw a copy of the Koran onto the ground.“What fault is it of ours with all these children, where are our human rights?”


TMP _ 22/1/2021

Photo credit: Ajdin Kamber

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Photo caption: Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina 21 Dec 2020: Refugee camp Lipa. More than 1200 migrants living under the tents in western Bosnia. Balkan route.