Gambian organisation launches awareness campaign on irregular migration

The Kairo Survivor-LED Crisis Society (KSLCS), a non-profit organisation, has launched an awareness raising campaign in The Gambia to inform potential migrants about the dangers and risks of migrating irregularly to Europe.

The  campaign launch took place in Tujereng village in the south of the country and was aimed at discouraging young people from undertaking irregular migration. It was attended by young people from across the region as well as leaders from Tujereng and Tanji and their surrounding communities.

Ebrima Jawneh, the president of KSLCS reiterated his organisation’s commitment to providing young Gambians with the facts about irregular migration in order to discourage them from making the perilous journey to Europe.

He said, “Our organisation is strongly convinced that there is a dire need for meaningful and effective guidance and counselling to prevent irregular migration.”

He also noted there was a need to reduce the root causes of irregular migration  in The Gambia, citing “growing rates of crisis globally, ranging from families, communities, organisations and nations.”

One local member of the community, Kabiro Sanneh, thanked Jawneh and his organisation for reaching out to the local community, and sharing helpful information on irregular migration. Based on the facts, he felt that irregular migration was dangerous and unnecessary. He hopes the campaign will enable potential migrants in his community as well as the surrounding areas to make well-informed decisions about irregular migration.

The campaign will initially focus on the Kanifing Municipality and West Coast Region but the organisation hopes to extend the campaign across the entire country.

TMP – 10/01/2019

Photo caption:  In 2018, 2,297 migrants have died in the Mediterranean.