Migrants stuck in Bosnia are staying in freezing tents, IOM warns

The International Organization for Migration alerts on the miserable conditions of nearly 3,000 migrants who are stranded in northern Bosnia as the temperatures fall, Reuters reported.

Some of the migrants are sleeping in muddy and freezing makeshift tents after evacuating  Lipa camp which was partially burned two weeks ago

“Over the past two weeks, we watched with growing concern the dire humanitarian situation facing many migrants in Bosnia,” IOM spokesman Paul Dillon told Reuters.

There are now 9,000 migrants in Bosnia queuing up to cross the border into Croatia. 


TMP _ 16/1/2021

Photo credit: Ajdin Kamber

Photo caption: Refugees warm themselves around a fire at cold winter day. Thousands of migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina trapped on Balkan route. Migrant on their way to the EU. Camp Lipa, Bihac.