Greece rescued 96 migrants from a sinking yacht

Greek coastal guards rescued 96 migrants after their yacht sank west of Halki island in the Aegean Sea on 26 August.

The actual number of passengers the yacht was carrying is not yet known, but many of them, including children and women, were not wearing life jackets, Euronews reported.

Most of the survivors were taken to Rhodes, Greece, except 19 who were intercepted by the Turkish coast guard after a cargo ship picked them up. Three survivors were arrested after being identified as smugglers. 

The rescue operation, which is still ongoing, involved “four coastguard patrol boats, a rescue boat, a naval vessel, five cargo ships sailing in the area and an air force helicopter,” according to a statement from the Ministry of the Merchant Navy.


TMP _ 29/8/2020

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Photo caption: Greek coast guards rescued dozens of migrants after their boat sank west of the small island of Halki, near Rhodes.