The Risks of Irregular Migration

Are you or is someone you know considering travelling to Europe as an irregular migrant? In other words, are you thinking about travelling to Europe without the right visa or travel documentation and without passing through the right border checks?

The journey to Europe is very risky. At every step of the journey migrants are vulnerable to exploitation from smugglers and criminal networks.

To help you make an informed decision about migration, we’ve summarised some of the most common dangers irregular migrants face on their journey.

Physical Risks

Migrants attempt to reach Europe in many dangerous ways, such as hiding in trucks or boats, leaving them vulnerable and exposed...
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Financial Risks

Are you wondering how much it costs to reach Europe when you don’t have the required visa? The price of an irregular journey to...
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Risks for Women and Children

The passage to Europe is especially dangerous for women and children. Many women and children suffer physical abuse during their...
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