IOM don cari 16,800 Naija migrant com bak in 3 years

De International Organization for Migration wey be IOM don cari Naija kurukere traveler wey go pas 16,800 com back to Naija from Europe from 2017 go reach 2020, na de project officer for IOM wey be Cyprne Cheptepkeny, na im tok dis one.

Na for Benin wey be de capital of Edo State, na dea Cheptepkeny tok dis last week, during de meeting wey stakeholders hold to find way wey dem go take make sure say pepul go dey folo safe way take travel outside de contri.

E com tok say 40 percent of de pepul wey IOM cari com back na from Edo State, Delta State com get 13 percent and Ogun State com get six percent for all de pepul wey dem cari com bak.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Frederic Legrand – COMEO

Image Caption: Paris, France: Urban migrant camp in northeastern Paris near the Stalingrad subway station