Foundation don launch campaign to fight waka abroad

Africa Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF), don join bodi wit Germany com launch Migration Information and Communication Campaign (MICC) for Naija so dat dem go use am to create more informate wey go open African youth eye make dem see all de danga wey dey for kurukere waka abroad.

De oga for AYGF wey be Dr Arome Salifu com dey yan say na to make sure say kurukere waka abroad and human trafikin reduce, na wetin make dem establish de MCC. E com dey tok say dem go use MCC tok to de youth make dem undastand weluwelu all de danga wey dey for dat kain journey.

Naija na one of de contris wey get plenty pepul for human trafikin. In fact, Naija na numba 32 out of 167 countris wey get high rate for human trafikin, na so Global Slavery Index report com dey yan. 


Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Ververidis Vasilis

Image Caption: Hundreds of immigrants at the border between Greece and FYROM waiting for the right time to continue their journey from unguarded passages