Foundation launches new campaign to address irregular migration

To create more awareness among African youth on the dangers of migrating irregularly to Europe, the Africa Youth Growth Foundation (AYGF), with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, has launched a Migration Information and Communication Campaign (MICC) in Nigeria.

AYGF’s executive director, Dr Arome Salifu, said the campaign was designed to reduce the rate of irregular migration and human trafficking in Nigeria through advocating for safer migration, and educating young Nigerians on the risks associated with irregular migration such as forced labour and deportation.

Nigeria has one of the highest rates of human trafficking and was ranked 32 out of 167 countries, according to the latest Global Slavery Index report.

TMP_ 29/10/2020

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Catay

Photo Caption: Refugee truck starting the journey ( passing the sahara desert ) from city of Agadez in Niger to Libya for reach the european countries 30 june 2019