Returnees don begin new life for Edo state, Naija

Migrants wey dem cari com bak from Libya and Mali, wey be indigene of Edo State, don dey begin new life smalsmal afta dem retun home and na thru livelihood and reintegration initiatives na im dis one take dey happen so.

De state govment don join bodi with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), com build one big pineapple factory, wea some of dem don get job taytay.

One of dem wey be Rescue bin tok say: “I dey happy say I return home to start my life again for Naija afta all de wahala wey we pass thru for Libya sake of say we de look for greener pastures. De pain and experience wey I don get for dis journey too much; I no fit tok evrytin. E beta make I stay for Naija and do buzines dan to go dey risk my life wit smugglers.”

TMP_ 03/10/2020

Image Credit: TMP/ Sunday Ani

Image Caption: Returnees at one of the reintegration workshops sponsored by IOM in Lagos.