“Even the animals do not live in the conditions we live in now,” said a girl living in a Greek island camp

Florence, a 17-year-old migrant girl from Afghanistan, dreamt of a happy life in Europe. But her hope for a better life has faded in the three years since she left Kabul to come to Europe. She now lives in dire conditions in Lesbos migrant camp in Greece, waiting for her asylum claim to be processed.

When the fire broke out in Moria camp two weeks ago, Florence was forced to flee. She told the Telegraph, a UK newspaper: “From all four sides it was burning. It was like hell.” She spoke of the tough living conditions she faces: “Even the animals in Europe do not live in the conditions that we live in now.”

Like almost all other children in the Greek island camps, she is unable to attend school: “I was always top of the class, but now I can’t study, soon I will be over-age and no school will accept me.”


TMP _ 27-9-2020

Photo credit: Alexandros Michailidis
Photo caption: Migrants and refugees wait to be transported to the new state-run facilities during a police operation evacuating the refugees from Victoria Square in Athens, Greece on Oct. 1, 2015