Shipwreck off Libya leaves 15 migrants dead

At least 15 migrants attempting to reach Europe have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). 

The migrant boat which departed the western town of Zawya in Libya on 18 October capsized off the coast. At least five of the migrants were rescued by fishermen and returned to the town of Sabratha on 20 October, said Safa Msehli, IOM spokeswoman. 

More than 70 migrants were intercepted and returned to Libya by the coast guard, according to Federico Soda, head of the IOM mission in Libya. 

Between January and October 2020, over 200 migrants have drowned and more than 280 others have gone missing while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, according to IOM. More than 9,800 migrants were returned to Libya.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Riccardo Nastasi

Image Caption: Abandoned migrant boat