Over 50,000 migrants have voluntarily left Libya since 2015

More than 50,000 stranded migrants in Libya have voluntarily returned to their home countries since 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The migrants, who are from 44 countries, were among the thousands of irregular migrants attempting to reach Europe via Libya and the Mediterranean sea.

According to the IOM, more than 1,300 migrants have voluntarily returned to their home countries in 2020 alone, under its Voluntary Humanitarian Return programme.

Since April 2019, Libya has been embroiled in a series of factional and political conflicts, leading to the deaths of many, including migrants. At least 60 migrants were killed and more than 130 were injured in an airstrike on a migrant detention centre in Libya on 3 July.

Due to the raging conflict in Libya, thousands of migrants are unable to access humanitarian, medical and security services. As a result, they are seeking the opportunity to return to safety.

TMP – 16/03/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock/photofilippo66

Photo caption: LAMPEDUSA ITALIA MARCH 26, 2011 landings clandestine migrant boat at Lampedusa harbor