More wakabroad pipu enta Europe by sea for 2020 dan for 2019

Na total of 14,854 irregular waka abroad pipu and refugees wey don enta Europe by sea between January and mid-March 2020, wey mark an increase of almost 50 per cent compared to de 10,771 arrival by Mediterranean wey dey recorded for same time last year.

De eastern Mediterranean route wey connect Africa and de Middle East to Greece don see more dan 7,000 entries for 2020 compared to about 4,500 entries for de same period for 2019. More dan 2,700 sea arrivals don dey recorded for Italy dis year, a high increase from de 398 arrivals for dis time for 2019. Malta don also see a high inflow of waka abroad pipu and refuges of up to 1,135 compared to 136 for de same time for 2019. However, arrival to Spain thru de Western Mediterranean route don drop from 5,491 for 2019 to 3,803 dis year.

About 219 deaths don get recorded for de three main Mediterranean sea routes between 1 January and 18 March, down from 299 deaths for same time for 2019. De Central Mediterranean route account for more dan 50 percent of de die wey don dey recorded so far for 2020.

Since 2014, thousands of irregular waka abroad pipu and refugees from de Middle East, Asia and Africa don use de Mediterranean sea as major entry point to Europe. More dan 20,000 waka abroad pipu don die since 2014 as dem dey try reach Europe thru de Mediterranean. At least 92 pipu don die for January inside failed trial to reach for small boats thru de Mediterranean sea.

TMP_ 05/04/2020

Photo credit: Stefano Garau

Photo caption: Cagliari, Italy 06/10/2016; the ship “Rio Segura” arrive for deport of Cagliari with 1250 waka abroad pipu recovered from de Mediterranean Sea.