UN don beg Europe make dem alawu migrants comot for inside boat  

Two agencies for United Nations wey be UNHCR and IOM don join hand com dey beg European authorities say make dem dey alawu wey be say dem don save from water make dem comot from inside de boat. The agencies com talk say becos say dey never agree for de mata no be why dem no go alawu pepul wey dey inside boat to comot where de boat stop.

Na becos of de way wey European authorities take respond to 350 pepul wey dem save from dat boat wey be SeaWatch 4, de time wen dem wan comot, na im make de UN agencies dey beg Europe so. Chris Grodotzki, who folo de pepul wey helep save de passengers for de Sea Watch 4 talk say de time wey de passengers comot, dey don tired, as dem don scata bodi finish.

UNHCR and IOM com talk say: “Make Europe no go dey punish pepul becos wey wan helep to save life.”


Photo Credit: istock/ Joel Carillet

Photo Caption: An inflatable boat filled with refugees and other migrants arrive on the north coast of the Greek Island of Lesbos, where it is met by volunteers and photographers.