Seven European kontris dey among di kontris wey no too dey accept migrants

Seven European contris dey among de 10 contris wey no too dey gree accept migrants for 2019, na resach wey Gallup conduct na im com reveal dis one for 23 September. Dose contris na North Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Latvia.

De way wey dis result take show be say de resach com dey ask pepul wetin dea opinion be about de migrants wey dey live for dea contri, weda dem go like make dem become dea neighbours and even sef marry from dea families. Afta de kweshon and ansa, result com show say de pepul no too like to dey accept migrants atolatol.

De result also com show say dose contris wey no dey for Europe like Canada, Iceland and New Zealand, like to dey accept migrants for dea contris.

TMP_ 03/10/2020

Photo credit: Hydebrink

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Photo caption: Hamburg, Germany – September, 8, 2015: Refugee in front of a tent in the Hamburg reception center at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015