New Europe migration plan don “balance duty and helep”

De European Union don dey plan to make sure say all de contris wey dey inside am go dey control pepul wey enter dem contri and also to make sure say dem join bodi take kia of asylum seekers. De plan wey dem call “New Pact on Migration and Asylum” go make sure say contri wey no alawu make migrant enta go support asylum seekers wey dem don reject make dem go bak to dea contri.

Dis new agreement na im dem wan take replace de one wey dem call Dublin Regulation as pepul no like dat one atol atol becos dat old agriment tok say na de contri wey asylum seeker first arrive, na im go take kia of de pesin.  Dis agriment go make sure say no contri for European Union dey chited for how dem go take share asylum seekers. In short, e go make sure say dose Europe contris wey migrants dey enter weluwelu like Greece and Italy go get large share.  Dis new agriment go make sure Europe contris get trust for one anoda. E go also let dem know kwich one be helep and kwich one be pesin duty, na de European Commission president com dey yan dis one.

Na de German chancellor wey be Angela Merkel na im dey cari dis agriment for head, and na all de 27 EU membas go take part. De plan be say:

  • Before migrants enta, dem go chek to know weda dem dey healthy, know dea identity and weda dem no go cause any security wahala.
  • Within 12 weeks, dem go don chek de aplikashon for asylum seeker for borda and return dose wey dea aplikashion no succeed back to dea contri.
  • Dem go take pepul wey jus arrive
  • Dem go helep oda states to make sure say pepul wey no succed for asylum go bak to dea contri
  • Dem go also helep to giv support shap shap to de pepul wey succeed
  • Each state go make sure say e contribut according to im poplashion and accordin to im wealth wey be GDP

TMP_ 03/10/2020

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