Half of Germany citizens no want make pipu come dem country again o, na one new study touchlight de mata

Half of de pipu wey dey Germany believe say dem country no fit welcome new refugees again talk of say everywhere don too full for de country, na one new touchlight mata by Bertelsmann Foundation talk this one. Before the waka-waka wahala for 2015, 40 percent of dem Germans bin don even dey against de way waka-waka to enter de country dey grow.

Dem publish de touchlight mata wey dem call “Welcome culture: Between skepticism and pragmatism” for 29 August 2019. De mata touchlight de way wey over 2,000 Germans dey think about waka-waka pipu and refugees, after da one, dem con check with the touchlight mata wey dem do like seven years ago.

De thing wey dey disturb (71%) Germany pipu be say all dis waka-waka pipu de com scata dem system wey dey work well for dem original pipu. Two among three pipu wey dem follow talk say gbege dey between dem waka-waka abroad pipu and Germans dem.

Young pipu dem get small beta talk for the mata pass adults dem, as dem believe say de whole mata go just get small wahala on top welfare and housing. “Dis na because de pipu wey sabi waka-waka mata dey like 30% among dem 15 to 30 years old pipu, wey con be say na only 20% dey old,” na so the touchlight mata talk. E don become normal thing for dem young pipu to dey see waka-waka pipu everyday.

To go school follow the mata wey make dem Germans dey look waka-waka pipu like that. “Pipu wey get small pali from school dey do work wey dem dey collect small money. Dis one go mean say when waka-waka pipu plenty for market, the money go con too small wella,” na so Orkan Kösemen, wey be one of the pipu wey touchlight de mata, talk

Dem Eurostat say, pipu wey dey enter Germany don increase by 62% in de last ten years. Since 2015 wen de migrant wahala sele, Germany don collect plenty waka-waka pipu pass any of dem Europe countries, dem say na 1.9 million waka-waka pipu for 2015-16.

Na old pipu plenty pass for Germany, and companies wey dey there no get young pipu wey dey work. Na this one make dem make one new law on top waka-waka for pipu wey get skills to do beta work wey dem go start by 2020.

TMP 14/10/2019

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