IOM torchlight greater gbege for waka abroad pipu wey dey die for “invisible shipwrecks”

De International Organization for Migration don express consign on top de plenti gbege and trouble wey waka abroad pipu dey face for de Mediterranean as dem no get hepp or any wan wey dey record as per say search-and-rescue ship no dey take follow de area again.

For statement, de Director of IOM’s Global Migration Data and Analysis Center (GMDAC), Frank Laczko talk: “We dey see more and more plenty ships wy dey sea wey we sabi about, and as state and NGO search-and-rescue work no dey available again, it dey make an difficult to sabi everytin wey dey happen for sea.”

“De response to Covid-19 don get hand for how we fit get informate wey dey correct. De central Mediterranean route still be de most ogbonge water waka abroad way for de world, and, in de current time, de problem don increase say make shipwreck dey far from where international community fit see am,” talk Laczko. 

TMP_ 21/05/2020

Photo credit: 668150035

Photo caption: Old rusty shipwreck with the words Ship to Europe, the concept for the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean sea