Ova 1,000 waka abroad pipu try to reach Europe from Libya for de first two weeks of 2020

More dan 1,000 waka abroad pipu leave de Libyan coast for de first two weeks of 2020 for inside attempt to reach Europe by boat, na wetin de International Organization for Migration (IOM) talk. 

At least 953 of de waka abroad pipu, wey include 136 women and 85 shidren, dey stopped and returned to Libyan detention centres as dem dey comot for Tripoli. Anoda 237 waka abroad dey rescued by search and rescue boats wey dey operated by NGOs.

“For de same period last year, 23 bodies dey recovered by de coast guard and no waka abroad persin dey returned to Libya. De IOM talk say “de current sudden increase for departure dey very alarming especially as de search and rescue capacity wey fit happen for de Mediterranean dey veri limited”.

De mass waka abroad mataz dey driven somehow by de gbede wey don hit Libya for recent months, wey don bring about bad humanitarian conditions for in and arand de capital, Tripoli.

De North African country don become a major waka pass country for recent years for waka abroad pipu and refugees wey dey escape poverty and war and dey attempt reach Europe thru irregular waka. Thousands of waka broad pipu and refugees dey held for inside overcrowded and unhygienic detention centres across de war-destroyed country. De United Nations don call for closure of all detention centres for Libya afta an airstrike wey kill ova 60 waka aroad pipu and injure more dan 130   for July 2019.

Due to de security situation wey dey for Libya, IOM talk say im dey struggle to comot more dan 1,000 waka abroad pipu wey don talk say dem wan get interest in going back to deir country from wen dem komot thru de Voluntary Humanitarian programme. IOM talk say, “de gbege environment for de capital of de country don scatter flying activities and dis dey stop de important lifeline for waka abroad pipu wey don dey stranded.”

IOM’s Libya Chief of Mission, Federico Soda dey explain say, “While awa operations and programmes dey kontinu across de country, dem don seriously affected, especially de wan wey be about de safe movement of waka abroad pipu to transit points and airports.”  “A minimum degree of security go dey needed for us to fit be able to safely hepp 500 pipu wey dey scheduled to return home for de koming days.”

TMP – 30/01/2020

Photo credit: Riccardo Nastasi / Shutterstock

Photo caption: Abandoned waka abroad boat