Na dis year na im largest number of migrant land for Canary Islands for Spain since 2006 

According to de tori wey Red Cross bin relese for 10 October, African migrants wey go pass 1, 000 don land for de Canary Islands wey dey Spain for only two days. E com tok say dey neva see dat kain large  numba since 2006. 

Most of de migrants na from Senegal and de Gambia, and as dem land for de Island for inside fishing boats wey go reach 485 in numba, dem com  travel pass de Atlantic take reach de Canaries. 

E neva too tay wey Morocco change am for dose kurukere travelas. E com chase many of dem wey be Africans enta anoda road wey be athlantic migration route. In 2019, Morocco skata plan wey plenty  irregular migrants wey go reach 74,000 for take enta Spain

From January go reach middle of September dis year, e don pass 250 pepul wey don die as dem wan cross de Atlantic Ocean from Morocco side take enta Spain, na de International Organization for Migration tok dis one.

TMP_ 15/10/2020

Image Credit: Shutterstock/T.W. van Urk

Image Caption: Cityscape from the sea at Puerto Tazacorte, La Palma, Canary Islands