Water don swalo about 140 migrants for ship aksident dis year 2020

About 140 migrants na im water don swalo as dem wan waka go Europe. Dis one hapen wen de boat wey dey cari about 200 pepul sink for de coast for Senegal side, na so UN report am. 

Dem tok say de boat wey comot from de town of Mbour waka dey go Canary Islands for Spain first kach faya before e com enta water for 24 October.

Na about 60 pepul na im dem save for de aksident wey UN sef don tok say na im be de worst for inside 2020.

Plenti pepul for Africa don dey try dea luck to know weda dem go folo kurukere way take enta europ. E don pas 1,000 African migrants wey don land for Canary Island for Spain since two days ago. Dat numba na de largest since 2006.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/Giovanni Cancem

Image Caption: Migrants ashore seeking refugee