Naija women wey dey stranded for Lebanon beg to com bak home

About 30 Naija women wey dey don dey cry dey beg Naija govment and other pepul wey get good heart to helep bring dem bak home from Lenanon where dem dey stranded now.

Na for insde social media na im dem show how dem dey suffer for inside one small room where all of dem dey stay. Na human traffickers na dem decive de women com carry dem go Lebanon. Na since 30 July na im de video don dey go round for social media. De women talk say dey don see nwii, dats why dem wan make Naija govement and pepul helep dem to com bak hom make dem no go die for there.

 “Na die we dey die here ooo. We wan make Naija govment com bring us bak home quik quik,” na de pesin we dey talk for de women we be Comfort Oluwatoyin Adebisi, na im talk dis.

Adebisi talk say de human traffickers wey carry dem go Lebanon promise dem say dem go get beta job wey go dey pay dem plenty money. E com talk say when dey reach Lebanon, tori com change; dem com force dem make dem dey do ashawo work and other thins wey no dey for de thins wey dey promise dem before dey comot Naija.

“All de work wey we don do since we com to Lebanon, dey no pay us shishi. Dey seize our property, our passport and even use razor blade take cut our hair,” na so Adebisi talk.

National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) don talk say e don dey discus with other agencies make dem know how dem go take rescue de women quik quik before somthin spoil.

NAPTIP com talk say e don return more than 100 Naija pepul wey traffickers carri go Lebanon since May 2020.

TMP_ 07/08/2020

Photo credit: Shutterstock/ Gerhard Pettersson