Dem don burn Naija migrant for Libya 

According de infomate wey dey comot from de Libyan interior ministry, dem don burn one Naija migrant wey be factory worker for Tripoli, de capital of Libya.

De interior ministry com dey yan say de pepul wey comit dis kain crime na Libya pepul, but de good news be say dey don kach dem com troway dem for inside detenshon.

De Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) don dey para say e no go gree for dat kain animal behavior. E don dey wan say Libyan authorities must make sure say de killers enta prison.

Even de United Nations sef don condem de attack. E don tok say de tin wey hapun na anoda senseless crime against migrants for dat countri

Libya don becom place wey many migrants from West and North Africa don die to go or place wey dem wan folo dey enta Europe. 


Photo credit: Shutterstock/Rhynio Productions

Photo caption: Ignition of match with smoke, isolated on black background