UK accused of sending migrants back to France

Human rights groups have claimed that the United Kingdom has been returning migrants to France before their asylum applications have been fully assessed, according to the Guardian. The returns allegedly affect migrants who have crossed the English Channel in small boats.

Lily Parrott, a lawyer at Duncan Lewis solicitors, said: “We are increasingly concerned about a trend that we have seen where the Home Office seeks to remove people from the UK to France after they arrived to the UK by boat. We feel that this is being done illegally.”

The initiative, known as Operation Sillath, may be a response to the recent surge in migrant arrivals to British shores. At least 836 migrants have been intercepted by UK border forces since then.


TMP – 30/5/2020

Photo credit: Christine Bird

Photo caption: Ramsgate, UK – April 09 2020 A british border force control vessel called Vigilant in Ramgate Royal Harbour.