Migrants in France

Are you currently living in northern France as an irregular migrant? In other words, did you enter France without the right documents or without passing border control?

If you are an irregular migrant in France, you might be struggling to access healthcare, accommodation or the job market. This is because you do not have permission to live and work in France. Your situation deserves attention.

The Migrant Project aims to provide you with up-to-date information about your legal options and the risks of migrating irregularly to other countries, like the United Kingdom.

If you are looking for help to decide what to do next, our team of migration experts can provide you with information and advice. 

The Risks of Irregular Migration

Smugglers may try to convince you to pay for their help to reach the United Kingdom by boat, train, car or lorry. But this...
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Safe and Legal Alternatives

Many people migrate irregularly because they believe this is their only option. However, before you continue a risky irregular...
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Life in the UK

You might be considering travelling to the United Kingdom as an irregular migrant. Because the UK is not the first European...
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