Safe and Legal Alternatives

Many people migrate irregularly because they believe this is their only option. However, before you continue a risky irregular journey with no guarantee of success, consider some of the alternatives, like applying for asylum, family reunification and voluntary return.

If you’d like more information or advice on your legal options, contact us on our hotline today

Applying for asylum

If you are fleeing from direct persecution in your home country, you are entitled to international protection. To increase your...
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Voluntary returns

Some migrants take many physical and financial risks to get to France, only to find out that the reality of life there does not...
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Family reunification

If you are the partner, underage child or parent of an unmarried child who has refugee status in a European country, that...
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Additional support

If you need further support or advice, you can reach our team of migration experts.  As well as The Migrant Project, there are...
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