The Risks of Irregular Migration

Smugglers may try to convince you to pay for their help to reach the United Kingdom by boat, train, car or lorry. But this journey can be incredibly dangerous. We’ve summarised some of the main risks for you here.

If you’re worried about these risks, contact us on our hotline today to find out more about your options and where to find help

Travelling by boat

Smugglers often use small boats that are not suitable for crossing the English Channel. The waterway between the UK and France is...
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Travelling by lorry or car

It is likely that you will be caught by the police if you try to hide in a car or lorry that will be boarding a ferry or train....
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Travelling via the Eurotunnel

If you attempt to travel through the Eurotunnel, you risk detection, being hit by a train or electrocution. If you are detected,...
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Irregular migrants can be detained for up to 18 months before being deported, according to the laws of the European Union (EU)....
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Forced returns

Even if you do reach the UK on one of these dangerous routes, there is a high chance you will be caught and removed upon or after...
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Dealing with smugglers

Smugglers give migrants false information. They are more concerned about earning money than about the wellbeing of migrants. They...
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Additional vulnerability of women

Female migrants are at higher risk of being abused and exploited. To protect themselves from these dangers, women tend to isolate...
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