Migrants death for Mediterranean don pass 1000 for first half of 2018

Waka people wey don die as dem wan cross the Mediterranean Sea enter Europe don pass 1000 from January go reach June this year. Na the United Nations agency wey be International Organisation for Migration (IOM) talk this one. IOM also talk say waka people wey die inside water pass .

On July 1, the Libyan Coast Guard talk say after one small rubber boat pack plenty waka people don capsize for inside water for the coast of Tripoli, about 100 na im dem still dey find. IOM talk say na only 41 people na im survived because people come out to do wetin dem dey call rescue operation.

Again, IOM come talk say for July 28, another ship get accident for inside water, wey kill 103 kurukere waka people with their three babies.

The report talk say since this year, Libyan Coast Guard don pass 1000 kurukere waka people wey dem rescue for inside that big sea, after their small boat capsize.

The IOM no just leave them after the rescue. They give them food, water, medication and protection so that bad people no go attack them.

The Chief of Mission for IOM in Libya, Othman Belbeisi, come talk say: “Death wey dey happen for the Libyan coast don dey too much. Smugglers don know say many African wan enter Europe and na that one dem don dey use dey deceive people dey carry them waka before dem go catch dem for the big sea.”

“Make Libya Coast Guard no dey put Kurukere waka people wey dem catch into prison, make the prison no go dey overcrowded. Life for inside prison dey tough because of the number of people wey dey inside there,” Belbeisi na in still talk this one.

Many African youths who wan make am big don dey risk their life say dey wan go Europe through kurukere way. Many of them dey follow the sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea, wey dey very dangerous.

TMP – 02/08/2018